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Re: Updated ESS modem driver for 2.4.x kernels

Shachar Raindel <shacharr@users.sourceforge.net> writes:

> Hi I have hacked around a build problem that prevented building the
> driver using RedHat's and Mandrake's versions of the kernel.Test
> builds under RedHat's kernel 2.4.18-3.

Great, could you tell me whether this driver  is supposed to work with
a ESS with the  ES56 CVH-PI chip? I  tried the drivers for the  2.2.12
kernel  without success. I have  an HP XE2 with  Suse 6.4 and a 2.2.14
kernel. I   do not mind  upgrade the  kernel, but  would  like to know
before whether anybody had experience for this modem.


Uwe Brauer