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Re: Installs but does nothing - PCTel HSP56 MR / VIA


Alasdair wrote:
> Hi
> I've got a PCTel HSP56 MR, with VIA chipset, that I'm trying to use with
> pctel-0.9.4. The whole thing - as far as I can tell - configures and installs
> properly, and insmod pctel and insmod ptserial appear to have no problems with
> them. /dev/modem gets symlinked to /dev/ttyS15.
> Yet when I try to dial out, the system hangs and I have to power off and
> reboot. I've tried kppp and minicom and the same thing happens with both. I've
> tried disabling sound modules, makes no difference. Any ideas?
> Using Mandrake 8.2.

	Which kernel ??

73's de Daniel, F1RMB.

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